Know it, prevent it, be prepared for it with Universal Life Insurance in Singapore

Posted on Jun 15, 2013

Singapore – Be it hereditary or acquired, there isn’t a way to know if you will be the next victim. It creeps in slowly and stealthily, taking you by surprise.  The occurrences are just too high, and till today it remains the number 1 killer in Singapore: Cancer. 1 in 3 dies of cancer, 14 die of cancer every day, and 28 diagnosed with cancer every day. Since death is universal and there is no escape It is time you seriously give Permanent Life Insurance a thought.

Following cancer, heart disease, pneumonia, and brain dysfunctions are some of the top illnesses prevalent among the population aged 18 to 69. With 30.4% of deaths in 2011 caused by heart disease, it made heart disease the second killer. The percentage of deaths caused by the top two killers, alone, approximate at 50%. Pneumonia and brain dysfunctions ranked 3rd and 4th respectively. Summing the percentages of the top 4 killers, the number itself is horrifying.

The lifestyle of Singaporeans is often hectic and stressful; in addition, living in a food paradise aids in our unhealthy diets. These factors play a part in contributing to the above illnesses.  Coupled with the fact that life expectancy of a Singaporean is projected to be 85 for women and 80 for man. We are more or less trudging through a long journey bounded with uncertainties of someday being caught up by one of these diseases.

We all need the assurance we can get throughout our whole journey. No one is liable for our own sustainability. Not only for ourselves, but for our loved ones too. Ambivalence is what cripples us; however, if there is an assurance that we can rely on, it removes the permanent disability within us. Don’t vex over what you can’t control. Be permanently insured right now: know the dangers around you, prevent them, and prepare before it strikes you. Find out more about our Universal life insurance policy in Singapore now.