About Us

Having over 10 years of experience in the Financial Planning Industry in Singapore, we have expanded our knowledge and capabilities to be able to address the needs and priorities of all individuals and clients that we come across. This ignites our Singapore-based team’s urge to share and impart this knowledge and experiences for people to know and have a better understanding of which type of insurance would best work to their advantage and enable them to have peace of mind for their future. Universal Life Insurance plans are our specialty.

With an experienced team, active in advising high net-worth individuals in the region, we have the privilege to share our knowledge on financial planning with the more affluent people in society, both local and overseas especially in Singapore, Hong Kong, China and Indonesia. With honesty and integrity, our aim is to present clients with financial solutions that are transparent and prudent. Our team also meets all licensing requirements as stipulated by the regulators.

With a comprehensive and professional platform, all of our clients prefer to engage our services over competitors as they know they will be served best. These products may be available at some major banks, however its usually outsourced to their brokers as bankers prefer not to provide financial planning advice on insurance needs. Their range and variety of financial planning products may be limited as well. Thus the client may not be able to get exposure to the full range of available products. Most importantly, we always vie for the best medical underwriting benefits available for all of our clients. This is vital for clients whom might have minor medical conditions.

This serves as our way to educate clients with the features of Universal Life Insurance plans, as well as other wealth plans to aid them in choosing one that they will feel secure about. We would also like to provide updates on new complex financial plans and aid clients on queries and other clarifications. Having been in the financial planning industry in Singapore for more than 10 years, we ensure that we work in close connection with representatives from various financial institutions to ensure clients of a comprehensive wealth management portfolio. Furthermore, we are open minded in welcoming co-operations with those who have clients in the affluent market, to have a healthy exchange of experiences and to further build healthy partnerships in the future.