Keyman Business Insurance & Share Protection Business Insurance

Posted on Aug 20, 2013

Starting up a business isn’t easy and maintaining it definitely isn’t: so why risk it? Every business carries elements of risk: so just like how you can protect yourself and your family with Universal life insurance, protect your business as well with Keyman Business Insurance and Share Protection Business Insurance. These are permanent insurance solutions that ensure the continuity of your business come hell or high water whether you are based in Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong or China.

In most companies, there are one or two key personnel.  Without them, the business tends to come to a standstill. This is where this form of insurance kicks in. Keyman Business Insurance covers everything from protecting the interests of your employees, to the assets of your business and even intellectually property.

Share Protection Business Insurance is for companies with joint share holders. If one of the share holders gets into any financial problems, this insurance covers the other business partners / shareholders. This gives them the financial buoyancy to allow their business to function without any disruption.

There are so many uncertainties in life and most are beyond our control. When it involves business issues, the entire company can be affected if the risks are not properly managed.

It is imperative to know that you are running a business with a safety net in place. Be accountable for your employees. Every employee in the company is an asset and it is your responsibility to protect every asset you have a responsibility over, including your staff. Enquire from us about Keyman Business Insurance and Share Protection Business Insurance today.