Universal Life

In Singapore, if you have acquired so much in life and have reached the peak of success; where do you go from here?

Trust becomes a major consideration in all aspects, especially in terms of managing your hard-earned money; your wealth, so to speak. Having the ability to think over and beyond the here and now becomes vital for growth and ensuring your assets are well preserved and well managed.

Have you really got everything covered?

High net-worth individuals in Singapore are different from normal people in terms of lifestyle and wealth management. The demand to maintain and preserve their assets is higher as it entails more work on a more personalized, trust-based manner in managing investments, tax & estate planning.

Universal Life Insurance is making its name with high net-worth individuals in Singapore as it encompasses the flexibility of both whole life and term life insurance. It is a combination of the building up cash value like whole life insurance and the adjustable premiums of term life insurance. It provides greater flexibility in premium payments together with a higher growth of cash values.